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Solar Lights for Outdoor Living

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The Brighton Series

Low profile housing with interchangeable lights

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  • Polycarbonate enclosure ensures a solid package with years of service.
  • Single bright LED can be used to provide accent lighting on any deck or walkway.
  • Flashing mode can be utilized for security applications.
  • An installation incorporating multiple lights would require extensive wiring with traditional landscaping lights - not so with the Embego BR8101!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fully Encased - Excellent for outdoor applications. Can be installed in or near water.
  • Compact Size - Unobtrusive during the day, bright at night.



Polycarbonate - Durable, impact resistant and excellent optical characeristics that provide high transparency

Epoxy filled back

Photovoltaic Cell Monocrystalline Silicon 2V/50mA
Energy Storage Ni-MH 1.2V/300mAh battery
Light Source 1 bright LED
Light Color Red, white, blue, yellow, green
Light Mode One color; flash or constant

Dia. 1.97 in x Height 1.26 in

Dia. 50 mm x Height 32 mm

Operating Temperature

-13 to +176 °F

-25 to +80 °C

IP RatingAdditional Information IP67
Visible Distance

2624 ft

800 m

Output Duration Up to 10 hrs after a full day charge
Life Time 3-5 years; Largely based on environmental conditions


BR8101-01 Light Housing

  • Precision machined aluminum fixture provides innovative mounting technique:
    • Secure base with two fasteners through back
    • Insert light
    • Secure light to base with set screw
    • Solid aluminum base - Quick and attractive mounting solution
    • Set screw - Allows interchangeable lights, change colors for holidays and special events




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BR8101 Additional Picture 1 Embego BR-8101 Picture 2
Embego BR-8101 Picture 3 Embego BR-8101 Picture 3

  Enthusiast Grade  
Available Colors
white White
red Red
blue Blue
yellow Yellow
  green Green  
Available Display Modes
Contant Light Constant
Flashing Light Flash
  1-9 10+
Battery: $14.99 $13.99
Capacitor: $36.99 $35.99
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Power Display Color
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