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Solar Lights for Outdoor Living

EmbeGo designs and delivers a broad range of Solar LED Lighting. Our products are a key feature in deck, pool, marine and patio installations. Friendly customer service, strong technical support and unique products assure you of a world class project. We have a passion for the world of outdoor LED lighting!

Why is our most popular light plain old Vanilla?


This may sound odd but an EmbeGo customer has a lot in common with an ice cream consumer. You can walk into any ice cream shop or grocery store and find loads of flavors. Everything from Blue Moon to Rocky Road is available and yet every year the ice cream industry sales figures always point to their most popular flavor – Vanilla! The ice cream industry's Vanilla is EmbeGo's White LED.

At EmbeGo we offer red, green, blue, yellow and …..white. Our marketing efforts provide plenty of product shots with soft blue ambient light near a deck step and yellow lights near a pool. We even offer lights that flicker for additional enjoyment. Despite all of the product shots, marketing campaigns and design resources expended we generally sell Vanilla …… er ah ….White LED solar lights.

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